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Witnessing IPV as a kid or Having Been mistreated as a young child

Witnessing IPV as a kid or Having Been mistreated as a young child

The articles had been synthesized in accordance with the findings categorized and presented because of the SEM framework. dining Table 3 presents the traits regarding the articles relating to sections that are selected as test size, practices, and findings.

Dining Dining Dining Table 3. Link Between Literature Review.

An overall total of 24 studies had been most notable literary works review. Eighteen studies had been quantitative and another article ended up being a meta-analysis, which reviewed 85 studies and perpetration that is explored victimization (Stith et al., 2004). Three studies had been qualitative, one explored views associated with the perpetrators about punishment, by themselves, and their partner (Whiting et al., 2014). The 2nd study that is qualitative and evaluated findings from five nationwide surveys regarding cultural variations in IPV (Field & Caetano, 2003). The third qualitative study used a mixed-methods approach and analyzed qualitative meeting information and study information (Peralta & Tuttle, 2013). In addition, two literary works reviews were identified. The initial evaluated five studies about Latinos and evaluated the magnitude and severity, in addition to opinions and perceptions regarding IPV (Klevens, 2007). One other literary works review analyzed 29 studies that explored risk and factors that are protective Hispanic gents and ladies (Cummings et al., 2013). Associated with the 24 studies, 16 included Hispanics and just 2 particularly explored danger facets among Mexican Us americans.

Individual Aspects

Danger facets for IPV in the level that is individual individual traits such as for instance age, academic degree, and earnings; biological facets such as for example cognitive problems; individual experience, such as for example witnessing IPV as a kid; and behavior such as for example liquor or substance abuse, or attitudes and character faculties. Continue reading