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European women give desire to Samaritans

European women give desire to Samaritans

The dwindling sect opens its community to imported to preserve its ancient culture, which dates back to biblical times

MOUNT GERIZIM, western Bank (AP) ??” The Samaritans, a sect that is rapidly dwindling to biblical times, have actually exposed their insular community to brides brought in from eastern European countries in a hopeless quest to protect their ancient tradition.

Five ladies from Russia and Ukraine have actually relocated to this hilltop town in the last few years to marry regional males, breathing new lease of life into the city which has been affected by genetic conditions due to generations of intermarriage.

“If this is actually the only way to our issue, we ought to simply simply just take this road. We Samaritans don’t have enough women to marry, thus I can’t inform our teenage boys to not marry and never to start out a family group,” he stated. He warned, but, that when the families don’t stay glued to the Samaritan faith and traditions, “then our future is in risk.”

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