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taxpayers (2.25 percent)., an increase of 4.5 percent. more than a year wczesniej.W total of taxing income taxpayers using tax scale achieved revenue of 759 billion 667 million 734 zl. The tax due in this group amounted to 59 billion 27 million 949 thousand. MF data zl.Wedlug average taxable income scale amounted to 28 thousand. 189 zl, and the average tax payable 2 thousand. 400 zl. This means that the effective rate of taxation amounted to 8.51 proc.W settlement for the previous year, taxpayers taxed according to the scale deducted from the income of 3 billion 595 million 734 thousand. zl.

The deduction of this amount related to the relief rehabilitation accounted for 2 billion 517 thousand 159. zl, relief on the Internet – 184 million 387 thousand. zl. Donations accounted for 364 million 608 thousand. zl deductions from income from the donations to public benefit organizations amounted to 113 million 884 thousand. zl, and for religious purposes – 135 million 102 thousand. zl. The amount of deductions related to IKZE amounted to 291 million 226 thousand. zl.W case of tax deductions, accounted for the largest amount of health insurance contributions – 50 billion 776 million 90 thousand. zl. With relief on children have benefited 4 million 505 thousand. 844 taxpayers and the amount deducted from the tax not deducted, plus a refund of tax relief for children amounted to 6 billion 982 million 185 thousand. zl.Zgodnie data from the finance ministry last year to 502 thousand.

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